Use a major case to show how politics has affected Chinas economy or economic policies post-1978

Use a major case to show how politics has affected Chinas economy or economic policies post-1978

Use a major case to show how politics has affected the economy or economic policies of China in the post-1978 period. The case can be at the national or the local level





China launched the economic reform era in 1978, under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping who launched a succession of market based reforms to kick-start a weak economy facing a myriad of ingrained problems from a post Mao era. By the early 1990’s, some fifteen years later, many of these reforms had achieved tremendous success in reenergizing the rural economy and introducing new market mechanisms to the entire economy. Beijing even began to hand over state control over certain sectors of private industry allowing private FDI investment for the first time ever. The result of such structural reforms was the Chinese economy growing at an impressive average growth rate of approximately 9 percent annually since the economic reforms began in 1978 (Karabiyik 2015).

Inspite of this, in the early 1990’s, Premier Zhu Rongji pushed through a new round of drastic economic and structural reforms that impacted many sectors of the Chinese economy including banking, foreign trade, and the result was a unique market economy, a function of a political balance between two vastly different Chinas; the entrepreneurial market-driven China and the state-led China, socialist-driven form of capitalism (Breslin 2003; Coase and Wang 2012; Naughton 2015). Using a case study in the telecoms services sector, the author will show how Beijing politics has affected Chinese economic policies post-1978 demonstrating how...



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